Quell Anxiety for Google Glass


I suffer from panic attacks. It feels terrible, and I always find myself desperately wishing for a friend to hold my hand and show me how to get through these awful episodes. I wanted to create a guide- not just for me, but for others who suffer, to calm down and get through a panic attack. More so than a mobile phone or tablet, glass is an escape window from reality, which is also a coping tactic for anxiety.



Ios apps. Features: ability to set an emergency contact to call, distract using simple mini puzzles, guided meditations, a collection of reassuring quotes. However, they have some design issues to resolve.


initial flows

Alternative flow

I'm discovering that glass is about small, doable actions. It's not a mobile phone with folders with apps inside them. Keeping everything on face and easily accessible is important. In this flow, instead of breaking everything up, i combined them into a single 'meditation' with components of breathing, distraction, and reassurance.